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    Premier Dead Sea Belgium - Blog

    06 August 2013 category: Products   Productos   Skin Care   Cuidado de la Piel   Beauty   Belleza  
    Premier Dead Sea has launched a new mini-content site! This site is packed within-depth informative articles regarding our skin care line and the science behind it. Topics on the mini-site include: Origins and geological information regarding the Dead Sea The benefits of our unique minerals Medical benefits to the Dead Sea Be sure to bookmark the mini-site as well as our blog to receive frequently updated information about our products! ..
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    Whether we want to admit it or not, our skin progresses further down the course of aging every day. Understanding the process of aging will help us to better fight and prevent it. Let us begin with diagnosing the two major sources of skin aging. There is the physiological factors and the factors stemming from sun exposure.                 Physiological factors of skin aging are the biological cycles that our skin undergoes naturally every day. Examples of this include cell division. Skin cells die every day as a natural process. The accumulation of these dead skin cells on our surface is what leads to the need for exfoliation. However, the source of where these skin cells come from are underneath the surface, in a layer where they are rapidly dividing to produce fresh cells. With age, the hormones that govern this process decrease resulting in skin that does not renew itself quickly. As time passes, so does our healing properties. Most physiological factors are subject to time, and the passing of time is one thing that we cannot control in fighting the aging process.                 On the list of things that can be controlled, we must take a look at a very important player in the aging process, harmful UV rays.  UV rays, or ultra violet rays, can all penetrate the skin and wreak havoc on the collagen, or contrac..
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    12 July 2013 category: Products   Productos   Cosmetics   Cosméticos   Beauty   Belleza   Quartz Gem  
    Have you ever looked around your house to realize that all of your electronics have dead batteries? The AAA’s in the TV remote are dead, the AA’s in the kid’s toys have passed on, and of course the C’s of the flashlight have all ran out. What if there was a way you could take a single, size less battery and divide it into any number and any size of batteries you wanted? This indivisible adaption is the idea behind stem cells. Stem cells are the jack of all trades when it comes to multi-cellular organisms. They begin with having no clear path or specialization. Their function is to grow from a blank slate into any fully developed and specialized cell that the body requires. This is important to humans in the event that our bodies have a deficient amount or complete absence of required cells. In the most severe examples, stem cells could potentially cure Alzheimer’s and paralysis from spinal cord injuries. On a lesser note, stem cells may also be used to revive skin cells. As our skin ages, it becomes damaged from years of sun exposure, loss of hydration, and environmental pollutants. The result of this damage is loss in skin tightness and elasticity, plus the unsightly abundance of deep set wrinkles. The goal of stem cell skin care is to rewind the clock of aging and replenish the youthful cells by filling in where once strong cells stood. Skin care is now at a revolutionary age with Premier’s release of the new 24H Quartz Gem Stem Cell Skin Care. This line feat..
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    09 July 2013 category: Products   Productos   Skin Care   Cuidado de la Piel  
    In a busy world of traffic, bills, and deadlines, often times we forget to simply breathe. We when forget to take these momentary pauses for ourselves, we neglect the fact that we have to make time to unwind. In fact, relinquishing stress is such an important topic, that the wonderful world of spas are devoted to this extremely underrated daily practice. Whether the initial goal is to feel pampered or to treat yourself, realize that there are many benefits to spa life that go unnoticed and here are a few. The body and mind must work in union and in order to do this, they must be independently strong and healthy. Some benefits among many of spa life include detoxifying the body and purifying the mind. In order to accomplish this, spas use many techniques including massage, nail care, aromatherapy, and yoga. Let’s have a closer look into each practice and its benefits. Physically, spas offer full body massages to relieve physical stress. Massage is an ancient form of applying pressure to the layers of muscle to relieve tension and toxins stored in the body. The word originates from the French translation of ‘kneading’. Performed by a trained professional, this art of applying pressure at key areas of the body can relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and to an extent, lessen subclinical depression. In this very important way, we can cleanse the body of the physical stress it accumulates during our daily regimen. The body as we all know cannot exist without the mind, therefor..
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    12 June 2013 category: Cosmetics   Cosméticos  
    Wrinkles are those fine lines and ridges in our skin that show our age. Sometimes referred to as the roadmap of life, these physical milestones add distinction to the skin. However, while they add character, they also strip away our youthful appearance. Whether your goal is to surprise those that ask your age, or simply to have more confidence in the mirror, there are benefits to preventing the almighty wrinkle. Proper preventative measures stem from understanding underlying causes. Leading factors that contribute to wrinkling skin consist of sun damage, smoking, dehydration, and nutritional deficiencies. Most of these detrimental factors can be prevented by simply tweaking lifestyle choices. Let’s first have a look at sun damage. Summertime is a great time to soak up powerful sun rays. The result is a beautiful, golden-brown tan. But, in spite of how beautiful we look, we must understand that a tan is the result of skin damage caused by UV rays. Sun damage subjects the skin to free radical damage, and ultimately makes your skin prone to skin cancer. Aside from applying sunscreen, it is highly recommended to use powerful antioxidants to fight the damage of free radicals. In particular, Premier Dead Sea’s Miracle Noir Mask contains powerful antioxidants that leave your skin looking younger than ever. Smoking is another leading cause of skin wrinkles. Nicotine constricts blood vessels that carry oxygen, a crucial key to breathing life into our flesh. The obvious ..
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    10 January 2013 category: pharmaceutical   pharmaceutical  
    Consider the human skin your first line of defense into your body. The skin allows certain molecules to enter while it repels other molecules. In this way, your defense system has a security gate where it monitors all substances. Given the okay, they are allowed to enter into the body. While if rejected, they are properly escorted off the premises.   The human skin is not the only material in nature with a protective coating and its own personal security. Plant cells have selective permeable cells as well which is increasingly important the more arid the environment becomes. The Dead Sea, a natural phenomenon in Israel, is in an extremely arid environment. In fact, it rains there on average, less than 5 days out of the year! Imagine being a plant trying to hold in moisture in such a dry climate. The security gate of the plants would be extremely strict in what is allowed to enter and leave. The science behind these strict permeations is what drives the science behind Premier Dead Sea products. At the state of the art Premier Dead Sea labs in Israel, scientists discovered how to harness the secrets of Dead Sea plant selective permeability, and applied it to the skin care products. Imagine if science could unlock the stringent barriers of a desert plant, how penetrative the effects would be as it was applied to human skin! Specifically, this technique of delivery occurs within molecules containing bilipid layers as an envelope. At the Premier Dead Sea la..
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