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    Premier Dead Sea Belgium - Blog

    13 October 2013 category:
    An Uplifting Story We live in an age of Beautiful People. Movie stars, super models, even pro wrestlers are all inspiring their fans to make the most of what they’ve got - and if they haven’t got it, they’ll do their best to fake it. As age begins to set in, efforts become a little more focused on discovering the Fountain of Youth, and many people think about getting a facelift. But surgical procedures are not for everyone, and more and more people are investigating other options. A Facelift without Surgery? If you were to ask a plastic surgeon, he or she would no doubt claim that there is no such thing as a non-surgical facelift. Of course, you’d expect that from someone who depends on the scalpel to make a living. It’s natural for a surgeon to take a defensive mode, considering all the possible downsides involved with surgery. In the first place, a surgical facelift is an invasive procedure, requiring general anesthesia, or at the very least, local anesthesia and a sedative, which all carry some degree of risk. Then there’s the time required for recovery, and that often involves pain. For many patients, it takes as long as two and a half to three months before the swelling, bruising, and incision scars fade away. In a few cases, it has taken even longer. Another concern is the success rate of plastic surgery. While there are plenty of success stories, we’ve all seen the images of procedures that “went horribly wrong.” If nerves are damaged or weakened..
    08 October 2013 category: Skin Care   Cuidado de la Piel   Ageless Future   Ageless Future  
    Brighten Skin by Exfoliating You’ve probably forgotten, but there was a point in your life where your skin was perfect: smooth, soft, blemish-free, and almost translucent. If you find it hard to believe, just look at a baby’s skin - we all started out that way. Unfortunately, time takes its toll, and accumulating years tend to also accumulate lines, spots, scars, and dullness. Cleansing alone doesn’t seem to take away the dullness. If you want to see brighter skin when you look into the mirror, you have to work a little harder and add exfoliation to your beauty routine. Causes of Dull Skin Sometimes your lifestyle can contribute to skin dullness. If you smoke, don’t exercise, or don’t get enough sleep or fluids, your circulation becomes sluggish and your skin becomes dehydrated. Changing your habits is a good place to begin, but there’s another aspect to what makes your complexion lose its radiance, and that’s Mother Nature. Even though we don’t realize it, we are continuously shedding dead skin cells to allow new cells to regenerate. As we begin to get older, the process slows down, and the dead skin cells begin to build up on the surface of our skin. To make matters worse, these dead skin cells tend to absorb dirt, oil, and pollutants. With all that garbage on the surface on the skin, no wonder it looks dull! How Exfoliating Helps The principle behind exfoliation is simple: remove dead skin cells to allow new skin cells to come to the surface. The..
    24 September 2013 category: Products   Productos   Skin Care   Cuidado de la Piel   pharmaceutical   pharmaceutical  
    Years ago, an ad for a certain product coined the term, “the heartbreak of psoriasis”. Although it may seem a bit extreme to some, others may consider it an appropriate label for a condition that causes sufferers to feel self-conscious and anxious. For many, their self-esteem takes a nose-dive, and they work hard to cover themselves up and avoid social occasions. What is Psoriasis? Dr. Oz, a celebrity doctor with a popular TV show, once referred to psoriasis as a case of too much skin. This is because of an immune disorder that signals the body to over-produce skin cells. As the cells build up, a rash is formed. It’s not contagious, but the uninformed may shy away from a person who exhibits the thick, red, scaly patches. Psoriasis is actually pretty common, affecting about 2-3 percent of the population. Depending on the person, the rash can be isolated to a small area, or large patches may spread across different parts of the body, causing itching and discomfort. The exact cause of psoriasis has not been discovered, but it seems to run in families, and certain factors can trigger flare-ups. These factors include certain medications, infection or injury to the skin, smoking and drinking alcohol, and stress. There’s no cure at this point, but uncovering and eliminating the triggers of flare-ups can be a help in managing psoriasis. There are also several types of medical treatments, but those generally meet with varying degrees of success. Psoriasis and De..
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    22 September 2013 category: Products   Productos   Skin Care   Cuidado de la Piel   Spa   Spa   Anti aging   Anti Edad  
    How a Dead Sea Can Bring Your Skin to Life You might think that a region known as the Dead Sea would be a place that people would want to stay away from, but you’d be wrong. On the contrary, the Dead Sea is a huge attraction for the believers, the hopeful, and the curious from all over the world. The therapeutic properties of the water and mud are legendary, but anyone can experience some of the skin benefits without ever having to plan a trip. The Magic of Dead Sea Salts and Minerals The Dead Sea, which is actually a lake, is unique among bodies of water for its extremely high salt and mineral content. While seawater normally has a 3 percent concentration of salts, the Dead Sea salt content is about 27 percent. Because of this, most plant and animal life will not survive in these waters, hence the name. Even so, the water and mud from this geological wonder have been used for centuries to provide relief from many health disorders, and their effect on skin is nothing short of magical. Some of the beneficial minerals in the Dead Sea include calcium, potassium, and magnesium, among others. Together, these minerals act on the skin at a cellular level to reduce fluid retention and increase circulation. As a result, impurities are filtered out, and the cell walls are strengthened so that the skin becomes brighter and more toned.  When cells are strong, the aging process of the skin is slowed down significantly. Dead Sea Products Having realized the ..
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    19 September 2013 category: Miracle Noir Mask   Mascarilla Milagro Negro  
    How’s this for irony—if you want to get your face extra clean, smear some mud on it! Although it seems counter-intuitive, a mud mask is actually one of the oldest solutions for a variety of skin problems. Add a few Dead Sea minerals to the mix, and you’ll see a virtually miraculous transformation in your complexion. Why Use a Mask? Even if you follow a regular regimen of cleansing, your pores can still get clogged with an accumulation of oil, makeup, and pollutants from the environment. Although you would never want to apply a mask every day, using it once a week or every few days gives you a chance to clean your pores deeply, stimulate your circulation, and remove dead skin cells. The result? Skin that looks and feels clean, toned, and vibrant. How Does a Mask Accomplish These Effects? In the case of mud masks, you apply a layer of damp mud to cleansed skin and let it set for a period of time. As the mud dries, it draws out the oil and grime from the pores, and the tightening effect has a subtle massage-like action that stimulates circulation, bringing nourishing oxygen to the skin cells. Once you remove the mask, the oil and impurities come away with it. Many mud masks must be rinsed off, but the Miracle Noir Mask by Dead Sea Premier comes with a unique specialized magnet that actually lifts off the mineral-enriched mud, leaving behind a light film of essential oils to keep the skin from drying out. Your skin may be dry, oily, or combination; or i..
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    07 August 2013 category: Cosmetics   Cosméticos   Beauty   Belleza   Mask   Mascarilla  
    Premier's Unique Approach to Skincare Since as far back as our written history states, man has been surrounded by the beautiful and bountiful force known as nature. This phenomena covers all things in the physical world including its inhabitants, its landscapes, geographical formations, and a mysterious underlying complexity that governs and drives it all to live and prosper. The complexity found within the simplicity of nature has inspired man to study and dissect it to unlock its secret, thus science was born. By systematically studying and tweaking scientific procedures, man has been able to harness this mysterious beauty and power of nature to help humankind in all aspects of life. One such aspect, skincare, is Premier’s area of expertise when it comes to combining nature and science. The natural world is breathtakingly beautiful and unique. From the wide stretched expanses of undiscovered deep sea life to the highest elevated mountains that ascend far past the clouds, nature reveals itself in a variety of physical manifestations. Somewhere between the deep sea and highest mountain is the lowest point of elevation on land, the Dead Sea. This natural phenomena is 1,378 feet below sea level. Given this unique property, nature has bestowed the Dead Sea with one of a kind features found nowhere else on the planet including salinity levels of 32% and concentrated minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium. These minerals found within the Dead Sea have natura..
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