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    01 February 2014 category:
    There’s so much beauty advice and information out there that it can get difficult to separate fact from fiction. Here are a few beauty myths currently doing the rounds you shouldn’t take too seriously. ’Age spots are simply a fact of getting older’ Actually these brown, freckle-like skin discolorations are not purely down to age. They can result from years of over-exposure to the sun. In order to treat what is known as hyper-pigmentation you can use Dead Sea Premier’s Pearl Whitening Cream. It can effectively lighten skin by preventing it from producing too much melanin. ‘You’ll outgrow acne’ People in their 20s to 50s plus can still suffer from this distressing condition, with the principles behind its treatment just the same as for teenagers. Even if you had clear skin as a teenager there’s no guarantee you won’t get acne later on in life, maybe during the menopause. Acne is linked to hormones, and women’s hormones tend to fluctuate throughout their life, while men’s tend to stabilize. If you do suffer a break out then use a gentle cleanser such as Dead Sea Premier’s SUPREME Cleansing Foam and use a mask that specifically targets problem skin. ‘Make-up causes break outs’ There’s no research linking make-up to acne. Some women experience breakouts after using some products, which could be the result of an irritant or random skin reaction to a particular ingredient. ‘You skin adapts to products so they’ll eventually stop working’ Your skin w..
    18 January 2014 category:
    At low temperatures we get our “cold weather” skin. It’s flaky and itchy – and it’s here for at least a couple of months. We’ve got ourselves a real battle ahead trying to save what was not so long ago our comfortable, pretty skin. As skin professionals, we have some great tips for adjusting your winter skincare routine to the weather. Use creams, not lotions: We know it’s a shame to throw away a perfectly good moisturizing lotion, but it’s really the only way. Lotions are less moisturizing than creams, and your skin needs al the help it can get. Remember that Oily skin gets dried out, too, so take good care of your skin. Apply your moisturizer a few times a day. Moisturize right after you shower: this will lock in the moisture and prevent your skin from getting dehydrated. Add moisture to your cleansing routine: Use mild enough soaps that won’t strip your skin as they clean it. Avoid gritty scrubs both for your face and for your body and do not overscrub: You should also prefer washing with your hands and give up washcloths. Avoid ingredients that may irritate the skin: Different soap ingredients (like perfume) may be drying. Switch to unscented soaps. Avoid hot water: Lukewarm showers and baths are less drying to your skin.   May we all have a great-skin winter! ..
    26 December 2013 category:
    Planning on partying on New Year’s Evening? We’ve gathered some tips for you to get that great “glowing from within” look!   1.       Exfoliate: leave dead skin cells on your bathroom floor and reveal stunningly glowing, healthy skin. 2.       Moisturize: give your skin some air with a gentle moisturizer that will protect it from makeup and other impurities. 3.       Take a bath: relax your body and let hot fumes work their magic. 4.       Use a hydrating and scented body lotion: scents have a huge effect on the way we feel. Body lotions are scented just in the right amount to make you feel truly happy. 5.       Smile: it’s a party! Have fun!   ..
    25 December 2013 category:
    As we age, gravity takes an enormous toll on our skin, dragging it down and causing it to sag. As well as gravity there are other reasons for sagging skin including a decrease in collagen and elastin production, a fall in skin cell production and free radical damage from the environment. In a bid to turn back the clock surgery is always an option but before taking such a drastic step check out the technological advances in skincare that promise a safer way to get a lift. Beta Carotene Beta Carotene is a pro-vitamin A carotenoid and one of only two sources of vitamin A. It’s an essential for overall health, but it has also been shown to play a part in the integrity of the skin. In the body Beta Carotene converts into retinol, which are known to work actively, penetrating the skin and improving its tone and appearance. The ingredient has been used in topical skin preparations for some time, since it improves skin turnover, strengthens tissue and protects against the effects of sun-induced skin aging. Elastin Peptides Elastin fibers are the structural proteins found in the body that allow organs to stretch and recoil, and so keep their shape. Over time as elastin becomes damaged and is replaced with a degraded form of elastin. These fibers within the skin don’t bounce back like they used to causing the wrinkles we see on the forehead and elsewhere. Elastin peptides are tiny fragments of protein molecules that occur naturally in the skin that allow for the natu..
    20 December 2013 category:
      We live in a world increasingly full of toxins and environmental pollutants that can harm our bodies and skin. Add to this the fact that much of the food we eat is refined and full of fat and sugar, and we can start to feel bloated, tired and even at risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. That’s why from time to time many of us decide to go on a detox program in order to return us to a situation of ‘wellness’ and rid our bodies of free radical damage that can slow us down. This can involve changing our diet by avoiding processed foods, exercising more and getting more fresh air. Detoxing the body has a great effect on skin too The great thing about detoxing the body is the effect this has on the skin. By avoiding refined foods and swapping them for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as drinking plenty of water, skin cells will become plumper and healthier.  Getting plenty of rest as part of a detox regime also helps improve skin since the skin’s recuperative powers are greatest at night. Adding more exercise into the daily routine will not only energize the body but give the skin a much-needed boost and radiance, since it increases the circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. It also reduces stress, thereby eliminating one of the major causes of wrinkles. Give yourself a skin detox Dead Sea Premier has a range of products that can help you detox your skin. The SUPREME Brightening and Pore Clarifying Cl..
    15 December 2013 category:
    Almost everyone gets a form of acne sooner or later and, although it is most common in teenagers, you can suffer a breakout at any time in life. Acne is a skin condition that comes about due to an excess of sebum (oil) in the skin, which, along with dead skin cells, mean the pores become clogged, leading to spots and blackheads. Hormones are the chief culprits behind these skin blemishes, and boys tend to get the condition more severely since they produce more androgen hormones. Later in life however the odds are switched to women with Caucasians in particular more prone to outbreaks. Good skin care can help prevent breakouts Good skin care can play a major role in preventing skin blemishes. Clean, healthy skin is your first defense against pathogens of all kinds, but this doesn’t mean stripping it of essential oils or treating it to harsh scrubbing action. In fact this can actually worsen the problem. Washing with a mild cleanser should be part of a good skin care regime. Avoid using astringent products since these will remove the beneficial oils in the skin, while keeping it from becoming overly dry. Go light on the foundation, and opt for a product that will not clog the pores. Pores need to be kept open to allow for natural oil movement and the shedding of dead skin cells, factors that will minimize your chances of developing spots and pimples.  Dead Sea Premier have developed a complete acne control treatment that consists of day and night formula..
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