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    Keep Skin Healthy and Minimize Pores The pores on our faces can look particularly large and unsightly – especially when we make the mistake of studying them in a magnifying glass. Although it’s important not to obsess, enlarged pores can make skin look rougher and more aged, which is why diminishing their appearance always scores highly on our wish list. Pores make up part of the hair follicles, sweat glands and oil glands, and without them the body cannot regulate temperature or kee..
    Brighten Skin by Exfoliating You’ve probably forgotten, but there was a point in your life where your skin was perfect: smooth, soft, blemish-free, and almost translucent. If you find it hard to believe, just look at a baby’s skin - we all started out that way. Unfortunately, time takes its toll, and accumulating years tend to also accumulate lines, spots, scars, and dullness. Cleansing alone doesn’t seem to take away the dullness. If you want to see brighter skin when you look into the m..
    Years ago, an ad for a certain product coined the term, “the heartbreak of psoriasis”. Although it may seem a bit extreme to some, others may consider it an appropriate label for a condition that causes sufferers to feel self-conscious and anxious. For many, their self-esteem takes a nose-dive, and they work hard to cover themselves up and avoid social occasions. What is Psoriasis? Dr. Oz, a celebrity doctor with a popular TV show, once referred to psoriasis as a case of too much skin..
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    22 September category: Products   Productos   Skin Care   Cuidado de la Piel   Spa   Spa   Anti aging   Anti Edad  
    How a Dead Sea Can Bring Your Skin to Life You might think that a region known as the Dead Sea would be a place that people would want to stay away from, but you’d be wrong. On the contrary, the Dead Sea is a huge attraction for the believers, the hopeful, and the curious from all over the world. The therapeutic properties of the water and mud are legendary, but anyone can experience some of the skin benefits without ever having to plan a trip. The Magic of Dead Sea Salts and Minerals..
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    06 August category: Products   Productos   Skin Care   Cuidado de la Piel   Beauty   Belleza  
    Premier Dead Sea has launched a new mini-content site! This site is packed within-depth informative articles regarding our skin care line and the science behind it. Topics on the mini-site include: Origins and geological information regarding the Dead Sea The benefits of our unique minerals Medical benefits to the Dead Sea Be sure to bookmark the mini-site as well as our blog to receive frequently updated information ..
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    Whether we want to admit it or not, our skin progresses further down the course of aging every day. Understanding the process of aging will help us to better fight and prevent it. Let us begin with diagnosing the two major sources of skin aging. There is the physiological factors and the factors stemming from sun exposure.                 Physiological factors of skin aging are the biological cycles that our skin u..
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    09 July category: Products   Productos   Skin Care   Cuidado de la Piel  
    In a busy world of traffic, bills, and deadlines, often times we forget to simply breathe. We when forget to take these momentary pauses for ourselves, we neglect the fact that we have to make time to unwind. In fact, relinquishing stress is such an important topic, that the wonderful world of spas are devoted to this extremely underrated daily practice. Whether the initial goal is to feel pampered or to treat yourself, realize that there are many benefits to spa life that go unnoticed and he..
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