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    The Spa World and its Benefits

    The Spa World and its Benefits

    In a busy world of traffic, bills, and deadlines, often times we forget to simply breathe. We when forget to take these momentary pauses for ourselves, we neglect the fact that we have to make time to unwind. In fact, relinquishing stress is such an important topic, that the wonderful world of spas are devoted to this extremely underrated daily practice. Whether the initial goal is to feel pampered or to treat yourself, realize that there are many benefits to spa life that go unnoticed and here are a few.

    The body and mind must work in union and in order to do this, they must be independently strong and healthy. Some benefits among many of spa life include detoxifying the body and purifying the mind. In order to accomplish this, spas use many techniques including massage, nail care, aromatherapy, and yoga. Let’s have a closer look into each practice and its benefits.

    Physically, spas offer full body massages to relieve physical stress. Massage is an ancient form of applying pressure to the layers of muscle to relieve tension and toxins stored in the body. The word originates from the French translation of ‘kneading’. Performed by a trained professional, this art of applying pressure at key areas of the body can relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and to an extent, lessen subclinical depression. In this very important way, we can cleanse the body of the physical stress it accumulates during our daily regimen. The body as we all know cannot exist without the mind, therefore we must maintain mental health as well.

    Mental relaxation techniques in the spa world consists of practicing yoga and meditation among many others. Yoga and meditation give us a moment to simply breathe. Keeping the body still and focusing on breathing is a very calming and relaxing practice that is often underrated. Drifting off into a deep trance can be very refreshing if your mental to-do list is constantly overloaded. Long term health effects from yoga meditation include increased immunity, emotional balance, and lower blood pressure. It’s pretty amazing how gearing down our body can result in such significant health gains!

    So next time you consider treating yourself to a spa visit, rest assured you are spending money on more than just relaxing. The health benefits of the spa life can be thought of like routine maintenance to a car, both of which become increasingly important with mileage.

    Posted on - 09/07/2013
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