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    Our Skin’s Eternal Struggle: Fighting the Aging Process

    Our Skin’s Eternal Struggle: Fighting the Aging Process

    Whether we want to admit it or not, our skin progresses further down the course of aging every day. Understanding the process of aging will help us to better fight and prevent it. Let us begin with diagnosing the two major sources of skin aging. There is the physiological factors and the factors stemming from sun exposure.

                    Physiological factors of skin aging are the biological cycles that our skin undergoes naturally every day. Examples of this include cell division. Skin cells die every day as a natural process. The accumulation of these dead skin cells on our surface is what leads to the need for exfoliation. However, the source of where these skin cells come from are underneath the surface, in a layer where they are rapidly dividing to produce fresh cells. With age, the hormones that govern this process decrease resulting in skin that does not renew itself quickly. As time passes, so does our healing properties. Most physiological factors are subject to time, and the passing of time is one thing that we cannot control in fighting the aging process.

                    On the list of things that can be controlled, we must take a look at a very important player in the aging process, harmful UV rays.  UV rays, or ultra violet rays, can all penetrate the skin and wreak havoc on the collagen, or contractile protein that along with elastin, make up the fiber that keep our skin tight and youthful looking. Of course it is not practical to avoid sunlight altogether, so limited exposure to 20 minutes at a time would be recommended. Also, vitamin D absorbed from sunlight reaches an optimal level at twenty minutes of exposure, making the excess excessive. Furthermore, protection from different forms of UV rays, such as UVA and UVB, can all be covered in your sunblock. Make sure to apply sunblock as part of your everyday skin care regimen, whether it be directly or built into your favorite product.

                    Premier Dead Sea skincare products all have natural SPF factors of 17 built into them. The Vitamin E and C that are built into most products as well provide free radical damage that can be a byproduct of skin damage from sun exposure. We recommend the Repairing and Regenerating Mask. Its ingredients penetrate to the heart of the skin cells to activate internal defense mechanisms, regulate problems, boost the skin’s normal function and thereby promote a more beautiful appearance. 

                    Altogether, age is a pretty tough adversary to combat. However, given the proper knowledge and skincare products, putting up a good fight is within your grasp. Take control of the future of your skin now!

    Posted on - 05/08/2013
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