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    Detox for younger skin

    Detox for younger skin


    We live in a world increasingly full of toxins and environmental pollutants that can harm our bodies and skin. Add to this the fact that much of the food we eat is refined and full of fat and sugar, and we can start to feel bloated, tired and even at risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

    That’s why from time to time many of us decide to go on a detox program in order to return us to a situation of ‘wellness’ and rid our bodies of free radical damage that can slow us down. This can involve changing our diet by avoiding processed foods, exercising more and getting more fresh air.

    Detoxing the body has a great effect on skin too

    The great thing about detoxing the body is the effect this has on the skin. By avoiding refined foods and swapping them for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as drinking plenty of water, skin cells will become plumper and healthier.  Getting plenty of rest as part of a detox regime also helps improve skin since the skin’s recuperative powers are greatest at night. Adding more exercise into the daily routine will not only energize the body but give the skin a much-needed boost and radiance, since it increases the circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. It also reduces stress, thereby eliminating one of the major causes of wrinkles.

    Give yourself a skin detox

    Dead Sea Premier has a range of products that can help you detox your skin. The SUPREME Brightening and Pore Clarifying Cleansing Foam used with the Exfoliating Emulsion provide a great way to aid your detox, resulting in clearer energized skin. Toning the skin will help maintain the skin’s balance too, firming pores and stimulating the skin for a clean fresh look.


    Posted on - 20/12/2013

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