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    The Liposome Complex: Nature’s Taxi Service

    The Liposome Complex: Nature’s Taxi Service

    Consider the human skin your first line of defense into your body. The skin allows certain molecules to enter while it repels other molecules. In this way, your defense system has a security gate where it monitors all substances. Given the okay, they are allowed to enter into the body. While if rejected, they are properly escorted off the premises.


    The human skin is not the only material in nature with a protective coating and its own personal security. Plant cells have selective permeable cells as well which is increasingly important the more arid the environment becomes. The Dead Sea, a natural phenomenon in Israel, is in an extremely arid environment. In fact, it rains there on average, less than 5 days out of the year! Imagine being a plant trying to hold in moisture in such a dry climate. The security gate of the plants would be extremely strict in what is allowed to enter and leave. The science behind these strict permeations is what drives the science behind Premier Dead Sea products.

    At the state of the art Premier Dead Sea labs in Israel, scientists discovered how to harness the secrets of Dead Sea plant selective permeability, and applied it to the skin care products. Imagine if science could unlock the stringent barriers of a desert plant, how penetrative the effects would be as it was applied to human skin!

    Specifically, this technique of delivery occurs within molecules containing bilipid layers as an envelope. At the Premier Dead Sea labs, plants native to the area with strong permeable qualities deliver the skincare products by removing the natural ingredients inside the plants liposome complex and replacing it with that of the skin care active ingredient. These natural vessels are one reason why Premier Dead Sea skincare products have such a profound and penetrative effect.

    One particular Dead Sea Premier product that employs the liposome complex technique is the 24HQuartz Gem Liquid Ice Lifting Cream. This ultra-high-end cream transforms from a solid rich cream into a mineral-rich crystal water as the active ingredients deploy into the skin creating an experience unlike nothing you’ve ever felt before! This product and others can be found at our official website at:

    Posted on - 10/01/2013
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