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    07 August category: Cosmetics   Cosméticos   Beauty   Belleza   Mask   Mascarilla  
    Premier's Unique Approach to Skincare Since as far back as our written history states, man has been surrounded by the beautiful and bountiful force known as nature. This phenomena covers all things in the physical world including its inhabitants, its landscapes, geographical formations, and a mysterious underlying complexity that governs and drives it all to live and prosper. The complexity found within the simplicity of nature has inspired man to study and dissect it to unlock its secret..
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    12 July category: Products   Productos   Cosmetics   Cosméticos   Beauty   Belleza   Quartz Gem  
    Have you ever looked around your house to realize that all of your electronics have dead batteries? The AAA’s in the TV remote are dead, the AA’s in the kid’s toys have passed on, and of course the C’s of the flashlight have all ran out. What if there was a way you could take a single, size less battery and divide it into any number and any size of batteries you wanted? This indivisible adaption is the idea behind stem cells. Stem cells are the jack of all trades when it comes to multi-ce..
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    12 June category: Cosmetics   Cosméticos  
    Wrinkles are those fine lines and ridges in our skin that show our age. Sometimes referred to as the roadmap of life, these physical milestones add distinction to the skin. However, while they add character, they also strip away our youthful appearance. Whether your goal is to surprise those that ask your age, or simply to have more confidence in the mirror, there are benefits to preventing the almighty wrinkle. Proper preventative measures stem from understanding underlying causes. Leadi..
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